Medigap Plan G

Out of all the ten Medicare Plans available, Medigap Plan G holds the second position in terms of the popularity among the customers. It is quite similar when compared with Plan F as both are in high demand as they offer complete coverage benefit to the customers. The only difference being the beneficiary paying the Medicare Part B deductible all by himself. Plan G is also competent enough in filling all the gaps found in the Medicare coverage. So, with this plan as an option one does not have to worry about the bills when being admitted to the hospital or when visiting a doctor for regular check-ups.

This is a highly suitable plan for the beneficiaries as they can cover the additional costs generated by the hospitals or doctors. Medigap Plan G 2017 offers various benefits as mentioned below:-

  • Covering the emergency costs when travelling to a foreign country.
  • SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) care coinsurance.
  • Additional charges which fall above the amount approved by the Medicare.
  • Foremost 3 blood pints
  • Part A coinsurance for staying for a longer time in hospital.
  • Medicare Part A coinsurance.
  • Paying the Medicare Part A deductible as the hospitalization charges.
  • Additional charges, copayment or coinsurance as well as preventive care coverage of Part B.

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Many of the Medicare Plans do not cater to the additional charges incurred by Part B but Medigap Plan G offers this benefit. This is the reason behind its popularity among those who need medical attention consistently. Excess charges refer to the extra charges that are not approved by the Medicare. For instance, as per the Medicare the fees of the doctor would be $100. If the doctor changes his mind and asks for an extra 15% hike in the fees then the Medicare will only pay $80 of the total charges whereas the beneficiary would become liable for paying the remaining $20 along with the 15% as the excess charge. In total, this $35 will have to be paid out-of-pocket by the beneficiary. These charges are taken care of by the Medigap Plan G 2017 and all such costs are covered effectively by the policy. This plan can also be attained from any provider due to the presence of similar details but only the availability as well as the cost remains the factors to be considered before buying one.