Medicare Advantage Plans 2018

If you want all the coverage offered by original Medicare, along with coverage for Medicare Part D and much of what the supplemental plans offer, then Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 are a good choice. They come with tons of coverage, but they are not all the same. We are going to look at a few differences between Advantage plans and why they might be a good option for you.

The Average Medicare Advantage Plan

Not all Advantage plans are the same, but we are going to look at what you would normally be covered for by one if you were to sign up for it.

Medicare Advantage Plans 2018Typical coverage includes dental, vision, wellness plans and hearing services. These may not be covered completely, but they will be mostly covered, and you won’t need to worry too much about paying out of pocket expenses for them. You will also be covered for most of what you get with the Original Medicare plan. That can include a lot of what we just mentioned, but keep in mind that the hospice care expenses are not required to be covered by the Advantage plan.

You will also be covered for the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, which takes care of most medications. For many people, it will cover all their medications, while others will still have to pay some out of pocket for theirs. You can ask your doctor and insurance agent about what will be covered from the current lineup of drugs you must take.

Differences between Advantage Plans

Not all Advantage plans will offer the same coverage. Sometimes Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) will be included and sometimes it won’t. You should check to see what an Advantage plan is offering before singing up. You will pay less for one that doesn’t have Part D coverage, but if you could really use that coverage, then it may be cheaper to go with the Advantage plan that already includes it rather than to buy it separately.

Others may look the same on the surface, but they change depending on where you live and what networks the provider has available. For instance, if your provider’s network doesn’t extend to the closest hospital or doctor near you, then you may have to travel a bit to get to a facilty or doctor that is covered by their plan. In many cases, you will not receive coverage for procedures and services that would normally be covered if you go off network with an Advatnage Plan. It’s a good idea to find out where the network extends and if you need to go to a different place for treatment in order to be covered.

Medicare Advantage plans will also be priced differently. You will find different rates depending on where you go. It’s in your best interests to go with the plan that is the most affordable whiel still offering you the most suitable coverage. You may need to compare prices to get the best deal, but don’t forget to compare coverage, since it can differ slightly between Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018.

You should also note that the coverage can change from state to state. What is considered medically necessary in one state may not be in another, so be aware of that and try to find out if procedures you feel you need are covered by your plan before you agree to them. You never have to agree to a treatment or service before finding out if you are covered for it. If it isn’t considered medically necessary by your plan, you may be better off without it. Any procedure or service not deemed medically necessary by your coverage plan will be one that you have to pay for yourself, if you opt for it.

What Makes Advantage Plans Good Options

You have lots of choices when it comes to medical coverage. You can go with the basic Medicare plan. You can add on additional coverage with supplement plans and Medicare Part D. And, of course, you can sign up for the Advantage plan and get the most coverage possible. But you need to be aware of the differences between these options and what makes one better than another in certain situaitons.


Medicare Advantage 2018



Your coverage needs may be changing over time, so just because one of these types of plans works well for you right now, that doesn’t mean it will still be a good choice in a few years. Keep an eye on your coverage needs and changing state of health so that you can sign up for the most suitable coverage plan for you at any given time.

Advantage plans come with a lot of coverage, which makes them ideal for people who may already have a medical insurance plan but who are paying out a lot of money from their own pockets to meet their medical expenses. These people need more coverage to make their healthcare more affordable, and Advantage plans offer them a way to have some of those expenses covered.

If you are interested in an Advantage plan to cover your medical expenses, you should start by comparing the ones offered in your local area. Look at the coverage they come with, which may be slightly different. Also look at the rates they charge. Keep in mind that the rates can reflect their coverage. So, one plan that offers Part D coverage may be far more expensive than one that doesn’t offer it.

You may decide after you look at your options that none of the Advantage plans are right for you. That’s fine, and you have other choices to pick from, such as supplement palns. Just make sure that you have the right coverage for yourself and that your healthcare is affordable.

One of the Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 may not be the best way to cover healthcare expenses, but it can only benefit you to examine them and see what they have to offer. You might be surprised at how well one of them will meet your needs and fit your budget.